This is what I felt the first time I opened the door to the PAPA facility.

*Structure of the Circuit Final Battlefield is subject to change, because LOL pinball.

PAPA has revealed what the games will be in the Circuit Final. It’s time for rampant unfounded speculation!

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Also known as the game everyone will be choosing to play. How will they deal with the Holodeck all day and / or the “time out everything to get to Final Frontier” strategies? Hey, I’d be in favor of a “win button” that just gives you the 209 Million Holodeck points and lets you move on just so we don’t have to do the pattern again.
  • What about the Lock Ball  plunge award? I think we can assume that it will be Lock Ball then Multiplier instead of Holodeck. That Warp Factor 4 award is starting to look enticing… Super Spinner winner.

Mousin’ Around

  • Will the center ramp be burned in effigy in front of all of us? Perhaps the center will just be pulled out completely. Or, maybe just make the center three-bank not work at all. Or maybe … lightning flippers.

Big Game

  • An extra fat post guarding the entrance to the upper right spinner / letter collect saucer. DONE.

Grand Prix

  • Nothing needs to be done here. Just move along folks. This is a 5-Star electro-mechanical game. Hit your spinners and Pete Townshend your way to success. Miss, and die horribly.
  • Also, F&#! you, Grand Prix rolls off the tongue even easier than F&#! you, Jungle Queen. Someone has to say it.


  • OK… well … as long as this game doesn’t grab my ball, hold it and send it SDTM like it did multiple times when I played it at the Louisville circuit event. I’ll be praying to get to a mode.

Harlem Globetrotters

  • Tap Pass, The Game: Basketball Edition. I hope they keep the extra ball chance that you get by completing the left target bank active.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

  • Another fat post to guard the center “Move Your Car” shot might speed up the game times. Of course this all depends on how catch-able the ball is as it exits the bumper area on the right and heads toward the right flipper.

Can Daniele Acciari make another magical run to the top all the way from the bottom of the ladder? Subscribe to PAPA’s Twitch channel and you will get an alert when the broadcast begins.

See you there!

SSB is the editor of the website Fun With Bonus, home of the semi-coherent, misguided ramblings of a journeyman professional/amateur pinball player.

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