This video is of particular interest to me. I am competing this season for the first time in the Pinball NYC league. This league is a team-based competition where each team has a “home” location. Apparently, Two-Bits is my team’s home location. Although, if I were to have a “home” pinball location in New York City, it would be Reciprocal since I’ve been there most often.

It’s going to be a significant commitment to participate in the Pinball NYC league. Beside the tolls and travel time, I think actually driving a civilian vehicle in New York City is borderline unlawful. As soon as I cross over into NYC, I prepare myself for the rules of the road to change. It’s time to get used to the lane lines in the road being mere suggestions, for turn signals to used sparingly and to especially watch out for people who have  “Bumper Buddies” on their car.

At least Two-Bits looks like it’s a good location.