Get ready for “BAT TURN” mode!

It’s time for me to put more money into Batman 66’s coin box.

What’s the “point zero” at the end of 0.71.0 for though? What would a “point one” mean?

- Added BAT TURN mode.
      - Lit at the ATOMIC PILE after 10 hits (default) to the BATMOBILE.
      - BATMOBILE spins increase the payoff value.
      - When the mode starts, all shots are lit for the payoff value, which
        counts down.
      - Shoot any shot to collect the payoff value and stop the countdown.
        The shot will no longer be available.
      - Hitting the BATMOBILE increases the payoff value, re-lights all of
        the shots, and re-starts the countdown.
      - If a multiball mode (either TURNTABLE MULTIBALL or VILLAIN ESCAPE)
        runs with BAT TURN and the turntable moves to the TV side, all of the
        shots are re-lit and worth 2x the current payoff value, and the value
        will not count down.  Shooting a lit shot re-lights all of the other
      - The mode is TIMED (40 seconds, default).  The timer can be reset to
        40 seconds by hitting the BATMOBILE, or by getting "MORE TIME" from
        the mystery feature.

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Posted by Stern Pinball on Friday, April 28, 2017

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