Geek Gamer Network interviews the developer of Brackelope, the tournament software that the cool tournament directors use.

Why aren’t more pinball tournament software options like this available online? At least for people to license for future use so we are not reinventing the wheel every time, and struggling to fix that same wheel with a cumbersome tool like Microsoft Excel.

Where is:

  • the round robin software system, e.g. Pinburgh
  • the Herb-style qualification system, e.g. Pinball Expo Qualifications and  Northwest Championships
  • the set-based qualification system, e.g. PAPA Qualifications, Fairfax Open Qualifications
  • the Swiss system software that can match people with pinball games and keep track of Win-Loss records

I don’t necessarily mean releasing this hypothetical software for the good of the sport of pinball. What I mean is, shut up and take my money so we can use this software to run more tournaments in more pinball locations.