It’s time to break out your Game Boy Advance for some zombie pinball that has nothing to do with Walkers. Plus, it’s from the year 2002 when The Walking Dead wasn’t even a twinkle the the creators’ eye.

Look at those Game Boy Advance graphics! Seriously though, they are not bad for the time period. Maybe that’s my retro colored glasses clouding my view.

Classic Game Room reviews THE PINBALL OF THE DEAD for Game Boy Advance released in 2002. This pinball video game for the Nintendo GBA is inspired (heavily) by Sega’s awesome light gun shooter arcade game, The House of the Dead. The Pinball of the Dead contains three tables, each based on the arcade game, flooded with zombies, blood and gore! Pinball of the Dead video review features the awesome gameplay seen in this game as well as the solid controls and outstanding visuals. Each pinball table has multiple levels which works well on the Game Boy Advance screen, and the sound design is predictably cheesy as well.

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video review of The Pinball Of The Dead for the Game Boy Advance developed and published by SEGA.

When SEGA decided to bring House Of The Dead to the Game Boy Advance, they took a route few people expected—the pinball route. Then again, is it any weirder than typing? The Pinball Of The Dead is a horror-themed pinball game with three tables based on SEGA’s popular light gun series. Squish zombies and monsters as you try to spell words and vanquish monstrous boss…monsters. There are a LOT of monsters, you guys. The game’s look hasn’t aged terribly well and it has slightly floaty ball physics, but House Of The Dead fans are sure to love all the references to the series. And the monsters. The Pinball Of The Dead is a single-player, zombie-squishing game on the Game Boy Advance.

This video review features video gameplay footage of The Pinball Of The Dead for the Game Boy Advance and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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