Nate Shivers recorded three podcasts about the PAPA 17 World Pinball Championships. He breaks down his performance at the tournament and analyzes the events that happened.

  • What division player is Nate?
  • What division should you be in when you try PAPA next time?
  • How difficult is it to qualify in any division?
  • Special guest interviews and more.


Or … the episode wherein I get my 10 minutes or so of vindication. What a difference a set makes.

Do some of you think you sound weird when you hear a recording of yourself? I do. However,  I actually think I don’t sound weird in this recording. Only jubilation that I had finally qualified for the PAPA A Division playoffs. “Five Good Games.”

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Or … the episode where the champions are declared, along with more post-PAPA analysis. Don from The Pinball Podcast and Escher Lefkoff from defeating you at pinball, guest star in this episode.

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Debate about the ‘C’ Division at PAPA: Who actually belongs there? Suggestions for bringing in new people. Why Josh Sharpe needs to win A division. Closing thoughts about PAPA 17.

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