The episode where host Tony gets a special from the Roanoke Pinball Museum


An entirely pinball-focused episode, Tony and Dennis are joined by Nic Shell, Executive Director of the Roanoke Pinball Museum.

They start with a brief discussion about Spooky Pinball’s announcement of Rick and Morty as their next theme. From there, Nic discusses the Roanoke Pinball Museum and his recent focus on using game show tactics (modeled specifically around Fascination) to help promote pinball. From there, Dennis subjects Nic to a game of 20 Questions.

Later in the episode, Nic and Dennis surprise Tony with the true purpose to Nic’s visit: Roanoke Pinball Museum gifting a grail pinball machine to Tony, Campus Queen!

Finally, the guys have a philosophical discussion about modern pinball versus EM pinball when it comes to audio headspace and its role in the social experience of pinball.

Note: The audio has more echo than usual due to the need to capture three voices locally.

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