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Tony and Dennis are joined by Bruce Nightingale, of the Slam Tilt Podcast and The Silverball Saloon, to talk a bunch of pinball and a bit on the virtual side.

Pinball: This episode has a huge focus on news-driven items. Discussion revolves around liquidation details for Heighway Pinball, that former pinball designer John Trudeau was arrested yet again, the pricing range currently proposed by deeproot Pinball, the Women’s International Pinball Tournament happening at Replay FX this year, Dutch Pinball’s announcement of litigation beginning between them and their former contract manufacturer, and a bit about the evidence regarding the growth of the pinball hobby as noted in an article with This Week in Pinball.

From there, Bruce provides some details regarding operating the Silverball Saloon (and how pinball integrates into that venture). Tony walks everyone through the next round of The Worst of the Fall (a tournament where you vote for the WORST of any given pinball match-up), and the pinball segment concludes with a discussion of code and what old games can be salvaged from being disappointments and transformed into winners.

Video Games: Discussion revolves around The Pinball Arcade and Farsight Studios announcing that the licenses to the Bally/Williams tables was lost and soon will be unavailable for purchase.

Slam Tilt Podcast:

The Silverball Saloon:

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Meltdown Pinball

Pinball News article on Heighway Pinball’s liquidation:…by-the-numbers/

Herald-News article on Trudeau’s arrest:…case/azfsnbc/

This Week in Pinball deeproot pricing information:…pionship-more/

Episode 121b of the Pinball Podcast (W.I.P.T. discussion):…t-replay-fx/

TWIP article on the growth of pinball:…ennis-kriesel/

The Worst of the Fall Round 5 voting:

BlahCade Podcast’s Farsight…-commentary-58347

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