LE/PRE V1.00 – May 22, 2018

– Increased “Immolation Initiative” scoring.
– Increased potential “Antiquities Shop” 2 switch scores.
– Increased potential “Yaka Arrow” 2 pop bumper scores.
– fixed “Yaka Arrow” 2 pop bumper award animations.
– Added logic to allow the ticket dispenser to appear in coil test.
– Fixed a mission timer bug that upon draining reset the mission timer back to its original starting value and resumed the mission at the start of the next ball. This occurred when the ball drained with only fractional seconds left remaining in a mission. Now, when draining under the same scenario, the player is presented mission select at the start of the next ball.
– Fixed a bug where the skill shot was available after “Cherry Bomb” Multiball.
– Fixed a bug where a ball saver was available after “Cherry Bomb” Multiball.
– Added logic to “Save Xandar” shot light strings to represent how many more shots are needed to complete a shot and add-a-ball into play. The logic is:
3 to go = Lamp Blinking
2 to go = Lamp Solid
1 to go = Shot lamp string strobing ON,ON,ON,OFF,OFF,OFF
– Fixed a bug in “Save Xandar” that would not award a left orbit shot if a ball was simultaneously being auto launched from the shooter lane.
– Fixed “Save Xandar” Super Jackpot Ready lightshow.
– Fixed mystery award lightshows that occur during multiball events.
– Fixed a bug in “Immolation Initiative” where balls were not being added back into play after crossing a switch/score threshold.
– Increased the ball saver time during “Immolation Initiative” when balls are added back into play.
– fixed display text in “Save Xandar”.
– Added an “add-a-ball” and “ball saver” for completing each shot during “Save Xandar”, i.e. ”Save Xandar” now has 9 add-a-balls.
– Fixed a “Save Xandar” award lightshow.
– Now missions contribute to the end ball bonus. Completing a mission will add 50% of the total mission score to the Bonus.
Example: score 10M total points during “Sanctuary”. Upon draining the “Ronan” value in the bonus sequence is worth 5M.
This value holds over from ball to ball and can be raised by finishing “Save Xandar” and finishing the mission a 2nd time.
– Changed the shot based portion of bonus scoring.
– A 2nd Extra Ball can be collected for finishing “X” missions/MBs, default = 6.
– Added a 2nd Extra Ball adjustment that allows/disables an Extra Ball to be lit/collected at the right scoop.
– fixed a problem where, on occasion, the score frame, player scores, player up, and ball in play would not be displayed until a full screen display effect occurred.
– added Yondu lane sound effect, light effect.
– Optimized “Groot Multiball” Ready lightshow.
– Fixed “Groot Multiball” Super, Double Super Jackpot lightshows.
– Fixed “Save Xandar” Super Jackpot Lightshow.
– Added speech to “Save Xandar” Start.
– Synced “Save Xandar” start display/speech/shaker/lightshows.
– Fixed a bug where the background score display effect was not properly waiting to start.
– Removed a glitch that could occur with shooter groove mode display effects.
– optimized ““Groot Multiball”” start sequence dots/music.
– Increased “Groot Multiball” Super, Double Super Jackpot scores.
– Added logic to sync the “Groot Multiball” Background display sequence to the “Groot Multiball” start display effect the first time the player starts “Groot Multiball”. The game remembers subsequent music/display starting points when starting “Groot Multiball” anew.
– Fixed custom messages.
– Added variations of Groot saying “I Am Groot” to “Groot Multiball” Start. These are also synced to the movement of Groot’s mouth.
– Groot’s mouth is now synced to the speech during the “Groot Multiball” Start sequence.
– Added speech to “Groot Multiball” start.
– Choreographed “Groot Multiball” start lightshow(s).
– Added 2 blow off sequences to the “Groot Multiball” Display Effect. Now you can fast forward/blow off to the “I Am Groot” sequence of the display effect, and additionally, blow that off to get the balls to kick out quickly.
– Fixed a cancel display bug in Mystery that would sometimes kill the display effect instead of fast forwarding/canceling to the actual award that was supposed to be displayed.
– added new Groot Lock kick out lightshows.
– improved Sanctuary 2 award lightshows.
– Added a bigger Sanctuary 2 award lightshow.
– Optimized how/when alternate Secondary mode display effects occur.
– Added shaker code to alternate Secondary modes.
– Increased Groot Super, Double Super Jackpot values.

– Extended TIMED PLUNGER adjustment range to DISABLED or 1 – 300 seconds
– Corrected minimum firing time for flipper coil when an EOS switch is inconsistent or poorly adjusted.

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