PinFest Flyer

PinCrossing is taking the reins for this year’s Pinfest tournament with limited herb style qualifying for Classics and the Main Tournament. May 1st and 2nd at the Allentown Agri-Plex.

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PinCrossing is teaming up with the PinFest crew to bring you another year of IFPA competition at Allentown!

Categories: IFPA Main, IFPA Classics, Kids and Ladies

Cost: First 2 entries are FREE
Additional entries 2 / $5

Format: Best Game Qualifying
Max total entries per day: 12 ($25 max)
Entries counted for standings: 4
Player cutoff for qualifying IFPA Main and IFPA Classics: 8
Player cutoff for qualifying Ladies and Kids (non-IFPA): 4

Friday Classics entries may be purchased between 12:00PM and 5:00PM and must be started by 5:15PM. The ladies finals begin at 5:30 and the Classics finals begin at 6:00

Saturday entries may be purchased between 9:00AM and
2:00PM and must be started by 2:15PM. The ladies finals begin at 2:30 and the main finals begin at 3:00

Finals format for the IFPA Main and IFPA Classics will be an 8 player bracket, double elimination, best of 3

Finals format for the Ladies tournament will be a 4 player bracket, double elimination, single games

Kids prizes will be awarded for both the classics and main events and based on final standings without a playoff

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