Game Informer interviews Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing at Stern Pinball. They talked about how the digital pinball market has helped raise awareness of arcade pinball tables. They also envision an idea of having digital tables that release when physical tables do. Imaging if there were a Mustang or Star Trek digital table available for download right when the physical table is scheduled for release.

Part One

Digital Pinball – Part One – Click Here

They go on to examine why band themed tables like Metallica have been so popular and the importance of balancing a ruleset that will work for casual players, experts, and route owners alike. Dankberg details the design process, starting from scratch and how different designers work to create games.

Behind the Wizardry

Behind the Wizardry – Part Two – Click Here

Finally, they go into their current plans as far as re-releasing games like Iron Man Vault Edition and the possibilities of re-release older titles from Stern’s past.

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