Pinball Sportsing with Josh Sharpe!

Also, their description of the Meltdown Pinball Podcast is just about perfect!

  • Pinball as a Sport
  • WPPRs
  • Tournament exploits
  • Tournament formats
  • Australian state championships?
  • A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P.
  • Raw Thrills
  • Josh’s opinions on new games
  • What makes a good designer/coder
  • Stupid rules that work. Good rules that don’t work
  • Slam the top 100
  • Kai or Khan?
  • Joe Kaminkow interview
  • Ed Robertson shuffle
  • TWIP Podcast – Meltdown podcast
  • Best games from top designers
  • YODA comp results! Keith2Keith
  • Raging for the Queen
  • Hobbit is gone
  • DickSilver
  • Mailbag

Josh from American Pinball joins the show to talk Houdini, humor and more.

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