At 4:00 PM Eastern today (July 6th), Jersey Jack Pinball will be streaming new code for The Hobbit on their Twitch channel.

From Jersey Jack Pinball

*NEW* HOBBIT CODE COMING SOON! We are pleased to announce that the next software version for The Hobbit is undergoing final testing, and will be released soon. Tune in to our Live Stream on Friday, July 6th @ 3PM Central/4PM Eastern, where the software team will be introducing some of the changes included in this release – In the meantime, a the list of changes for your review are below. Thank you all for your patience and support!

== Jersey Jack Pinball ==
== Presents ==
== The Hobbit ==
== Copyright © 2016-8 Jersey Jack Pinball ==

== Version 2.90PR June 28, 2018 ==

– This is a Pre-Release version of software for testing only

=== Game Code

+ Added “There and Back Again” wizard mode for playing all Book Modes
+ Added enter name/initials for There and Back Again champ, Latest Smaug defeated,
Beast Champ, most modes played, most modes completed
* Rewrote Beast Frenzy rule: now wave-based to emphasize progression; super jackpot
is easier to achieve (after which mode can be cancelled via Ring Button)
+ Added adjustment that inhibits Beast Frenzy and Smaug MB overlap (default OFF)
+ Added intermediate difficulty level to Beast hurry-up rule
+ Added Status Report
+ Added award for playing all Book Modes for a given qualfier; award is
configurable for points (default) or spotting an Arkenstone task
+ Added adjustment to turn off Book Mode multiball
+ Added adjustment to turn off Book Mode selection with flippers after ramp shot
* Book Mode qualifier for Arkenstone now includes a scoring weight; more difficult
modes result in higher Arkenstone scoring
+ Added “Arkenstone Qualified” animation
* Fixed Arkenstone jewel animation at end of completed Book Mode
* Ring Button no longer available in Arkenstone modes
* Disallow starting an Arkenstone mode during a Book Mode
* Fixed pop-up beast arrow lamp colors showing during Arkenstone modes
+ Added new Ring anim colors to give each action its own color
* Ring Button lamp color now matched to action it will perform
* Fixed Smaug MB ramp diverter logic during grace
+ Added more Smaug speech for locking balls and jackpots
* Enhanced Smaug activity for multiball ready
* Fixed ramp LOCK light during “Flashback” mode
* Fixed “Flashback” ramp diverter logic during grace
* Ramp U-turn now scores ramp jackpots in Smaug Multiball
* Removed Smaug Multiball from Mystery Award
* Enhanced High Score/Enter Initials choreography
+ Added a bunch of speech calls to attract mode, game start, high scores, etc.
* Updated and added sound effects in a bunch of places
+ Added “Ball Saved” animation
+ Added ramp U-turn scoring rule
* Changed the mode hex icon display to improve contrast between played/not played modes
+ Bilbo, Gandalf, and Radagast arrows now light to show state of mode qualifier
+ Added GI lamp effects to all Book Modes
+ Added Book Mode completion percentage to book display
+ Added Book Mode “time added” display effect to book display
+ Added timer countdown speech to Book Modes
+ Added intro animations to Moon Runes and Fire & Water modes
* Book Mode “end scene” display is now killed when time added during grace
* Book Mode background movie now correctly restored when time added during grace
* Changed “The Bait” mode to use left VUK for “distract beast” shot
* Improved lamp usage in “The Bait”, “Demise of Bolg”, “The Contract”,
“Gathering of Clouds” to help clarify targets to hit and avoid
* During “Demise of Bolg” adding time will now reset some drop targets
* Changed timer display for “Duel in Laketown” to clarify rule
* “Defeat of Azog” will now always pick a different beast for next shot
* Cleaned up instructions for “Orc Ambush”
+ Added error reporting for dragon stepper motor movement
* Dragon stepper motor is now turned off when game is idle
* Changed knocker “LOW” setting to be softer

=== Core Code

+ Added confirmation message and sound for setting clock and custom graphic
* Enhanced bumper and slingshot firing to provide finer adjustment granularity
* Fixed volume adjustment during game active that would sometimes leave music off
+ Added Test Report message for pinball missing
+ Added Switch History Test; shows 24 previous inactive->active switch transitions
* Changed kickback logic to prevent repeated firing with misadjusted switch
* Updated High Score/Enter Initials logic to handle all high score tables in
parallel so that all champ titles can be displayed at time of entry


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