Kaneda 137

The one where Chris uses a few more seconds of valuable podcasting time, again, to disparage tournament play. Sure, many other things are covered which is why I listen to the show.


But for this post, I am choosing to be petty by focusing only on the small section that addressed tournaments negatively, again.


I was finally able to catch up with the podcast on Thursday. Little did I know that I had already made  a preemptive post related to this on Sunday morning, before the Rock Fantasy Rob Zombie Launch Party (final game re-posted up there). I’ll just leave that post again here, since it’s convenient.

Kaneda 138

The one where Chris goes on vacation.

Bon voyage.


And now, in an effort to be more positive, I will now cleanse my palette by listening to some people who have enjoyed talking about … how bad/weird/nerdy/niche pinball tournaments are. Presenting: The Q Morning Show (including Jeff Parsons, a tournament player).

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