Accomplishing this requires some pre-planning, great timing and accuracy. You have to make it to the end of Fellowship of the Ring Multiball by crossing all of the fellowship across the bridge and having Gandalf give his finishing move. Before you do that, you must have won a mode or done something to get an Elf Gift. That gift must be the 2X Scoring (If that one is not lit, you have to move the flashing gift around via the large white stand up targets). Also you must have Gollum 2-Ball running which switches between 1/2X and 2X scoring. In order to do that, you have to get 9 Rings of Men first and shoot the center VUK saucer. If you have gotten this far, you will still have a lot of time with your 2X scoring elf gift (60 pinball seconds which is way longer than 60 actual seconds). Plus, you will get some help with a Palantir award of 30 MORE pinball seconds of 2X scoring).

So, it’s possible … it’s just very difficult.

Video description from Robert Gagno Pinball:

My friend Raymond Davidson who is one of the best pinball players in the world challenged me to achieve a 20M Balrog score on LOTR. It was a very difficult challenge and fun to achieve.


I remember doing this, and it was on video, or at least it was recorded. I was visiting Ed and Kim’s place on the way to seeing a Barenaked Ladies concert that Kristen invited me to go see. They were playing in collaboration with Hootie and the Blowfish on their Group Therapy tour. I head into Ed and Kim’s place with their A+ quality pinball games, and Ed from BNL is already there. If I recall correctly, he was playing Monster Bash and doing quite well. He challenges me to a game of my choosing. After some deliberation, I settle on Lord of The Rings. Although “settle” is a poor world because it’s a Top 10 favorite game for me. Anyway, cut to me having one of the longest games I’ve ever had of Lord of the Rings which included pulling together the 20 Million Balrog finisher on Fellowship of the Ring Multiball. I wonder if that video still exists … No, I didn’t get to Valinor.

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