Episode One:

In this first episode of Pintech LIVE hosts Imoto and Kyle battle technical issues, the plague of their first time live streaming. The chat keeps them entertained until Kyle is ready to introduce “The Rollergames Project.” Kyle explains that he just purchased Roller Games and is in the process of restoring it to Factory Standards. Together we will work on disassembling Rollergames, cleaning it up, replacing broken pieces, swapping out LED lights, and getting it ready to go out on-location!

Episode Two:

Repairs, Re-Builds, and Pinball Tech Chat with Marco Pinball. Today Kyle will be removing ramps and plastics, while answering your most pertinent pinball repair questions!

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Episode Three:

Today Kyle will rebuild the pop bumpers on his Williams Rollergames Pinball Machine. Watch Pintech LIVE every Thursday at 3pm Eastern!

Marco Pinball Live:

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