Although certainly not today’s most popular form of extracurricular entertainment, pinball has nonetheless retained a collection of passionate and loyal followers. A significant number of states hold annual tournaments, and there are national and international competitions, as well.

Source: Pinball wizards bring intensity at state championships





When Lyons Pinball opened, the International Flipper Pinball Federation had a small number of ranked players, Carroll says. Today, there are thousands listed on the website. Back then, there was only one primary company still making the machines, too. Today, there are more than a dozen boutique companies. And the value of special, collector machines continues to soar.

Source: Lyons resident helped spur pinball’s rebirth in Boulder County and Colorado



More than 20 of Maine’s best pinball players met in Gorham Saturday for the  International Flipper Pinball Association Maine State Tournament.

Source: Maine Pinball Champion crowned

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