Multimorphic is throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the pinball industry. Apparently, the throwing down of gauntlets must include Inception-style music, so enjoy that.

Here’s our not-so-subtle calling out of the pinball industry for no longer innovating. We (Multimorphic) are trying to change that… not just for fun, but to address some longstanding problems that have plagued the industry.–Z8aLeQ

The P3 will be in Chicago this week for Pinball Expo. We hope to see some of you there. Shortly after that, we’ll be in Houston.

— Gerry Stellenberg


From the video description:

The P3 is the first pinball machine in nearly 15 years to introduce new innovations to move the pinball industry forward. Innovation and addressing the problems with the industry is the future, and Multimorphic is leading by example.

The P3 is a multi-game, physical pinball platform with dynamic and interactive artwork in the lower playfield and a modular, swappable, physical shot layout in the upper playfield.

Shown here are brief clips of Lexy Lightspeed – Galaxy Girl, the first game developed for the P3 platform.

In future videos, we’ll dive more into each innovation and how it addresses a specific industry problem. Stay tuned.

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