Chopping Wood

Describes a player who is either:

  • struggling at a game
  • grinding for points on a game by increasing their lead through taking safer shots
  • grinding for points on a game while trying to come back from a huge deficit
  • struggling to qualify at a tournament and continuing to complete entries trying to get a decent one.

? on Facebook:

“Are you aware that the origin of the term “Chopping Wood” in pinball actually began with a POTC ? In fact, It will be the 7th anniversary of the term next Friday night at Expo in Chicago! It was all started by Frederick FunkyFresh Richardson, on a roll in a crowded Neil Shatz’s hotel room, describing Keith Elwin’s recent qualifying attempts on POTC at Expo ’06. Not sure why Steven Bowden doesn’t have the term in his Pinball Dictionary yet, since it’s basically the “grandfather” of modern competitive pinball slang.”


— Because I don’t know, OK? I don’t know pinball history. Especially unprovable, uncorroborated, anecdotal pinball history about when it was all started. /rant /smileyface-emoticon

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