Nick from Arcade Hunters reviews Rotation VIII by Midway at Flippers Variety in North Carolina. A 4-player, auto-rotating table that moves into position based on who is up next.

From the video description:

Here’s a look at a game that I somehow missed on both of my walkthrough tours of Flippers. From 1978’s its the four player cocktail pinball table Rotation VIII from Midway! (Sorry I said, Williams multiple times in the video!)

This unique cocktail table game lets four players sit together at a the table and the game will rotate into the players position when it’s their turn, rather then having to get up and let the next person play. Each player gets their own plunger and flipper buttons.

The game plays much like any other pool game. Hit the set targets to light up the balls on your rack in order to advance. There’s a lane with an auto-plunger and one lane to shoot the ball back into play. The top hole will light one of the right three pop bumpers for more points.

Just like on a normal pinball table you can also tilt the game! It’s a shame others didn’t try this unique approach to cocktail pinball. It’s fun game but a lot more fun with friends!

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