Has this been archived off of Twitch and onto YouTube yet? I hope it has, or that it is saved forever because this has Ozric1847 scoring 10 Billion on Game of Thrones during Pinball Done Quick!

It includes a 600,000,000 point shot during the Iron Throne which I am not sure where it comes from. It happens at 18:34 in the video. Maybe a 10X shot (2X playfield * 5X combo)? But, it looks like he hit the Super Jackpot battering ram to get it. Whatever it was, after that happens the game starts giving points in larger quantities for a while. Enough that Ozric is able to build a round of Iron Throne worth nearly 7.7 Billion points!

Maybe it is possible to counter a competitor who gets a huge Hand of the King round with a masterful Iron Throne round.

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

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