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From P3 Multimorphic:


Welcome to all of you who joined our email list at recent events and thank you to everybody else for continuing to follow our progress.  It’s been an incredibly busy and productive year, and we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to introduce all of you the the P3.


Addressing the elephant in the proverbial room, we hear the widespread requests for an announcement of a popular licensed theme.  The time for that will come soon, but it’s not quite here yet.  The P3 is a revolutionary pinball machine, and the business model behind it is transformative as well.  For years now, the success, or at least well-being, of other pinball manufacturers has hinged on how well they sell each new title.  They’re playing a short game.  One major dud and they might not recover.  Multimorphic is playing a long game.  We’re developing a pinball platform that will increase in volume sales over the next few years.  More machine sales means the customer base for new games grows, and that brings in new game designers.  The P3 game catalog will grow, as will game development budgets.


To bet the farm on the success of a single, expensive, resource-exhausting game would be irresponsible and a terrible business decision for us as a new company.  We’re happy other companies are willing to risk everything and fill that short term need, but we’re taking a different approach and hoping to establish ourselves as a long-term player in this industry.


All that’s not to say we aren’t developing new, exciting content and moving forward to production.  Both are happening.  We’ll defer talking publicly about new content, but we’re happy to discuss our progress towards production.  We showed off production sample machines at Pinball Expo in Chicago earlier this month.  These machines represent what will soon be coming off of our production line and going to customers.  We’re currently ordering production parts from our vendors, and we’re gearing up with our contract manufacturing partner to build machines.  In other words, our first production run has officially begun, and our earliest customers have been notified.  How smooth this first run goes will help us estimate delivery timeframes for the rest of our pre-order customers.


In 4 years we’ve designed a completely new pinball platform from the ground up, with unparalleled features and modularity, and with the potential to deliver both traditional and progressive gameplay experiences.  We started showing early concepts in 2012, and we listened to and course-corrected due to community feedback.  We also staffed our company with mostly community insiders, including 2 of the industry’s most experienced and successful members (David Thiel and Dennis Nordman) to help with our first game, Lexy Lightspeed – Escape From Earth).  So far we’ve developed 5 games, including LL-EE, Cannon Lagoon (a redemption-style game), and 3 mini-games (ROCs, Barnyard, and LL-SAS), and more games are in active development by both us and 3rd parties.  These initial games were designed to interest a wide variety of players, and our game development roadmap includes both complex games with deep rulesets as well as games that are easier for everybody to understand and enjoy.  Oh, and two of our fundamental patent applications just issued; so we’ll be excited to work in a more official capacity with others who are interested in delivering platform-style machines.


I’m beyond proud of the Multimorphic team, which has dealt confidently and effectively with all of the issues and uncertainties that come with bringing paradigm-changing ideas to life.  The challenges have been many, and we’ve received wonderful support as well as our share of criticism, but we haven’t wavered from our vision or from our commitment to each other and our customers.  I wish I could say the next steps will be easy, but they won’t be.  We’ll encounter more challenges, and we’ll deal with them too.  In the next few months we’ll be heavily focused on logistical and supply chain processes, working with our fabrication partners to make and validate hundreds of custom parts and working with our manufacturing partner to build, test, and ship machines.  Our long-term success depends on how well we manage the early stages of these processes; so we’re making sure to do things right.


To summarize, we developed and showed our concept.  Then we developed and showed our first few games.  Now we’re working through production logistics so we can produce and ship P3s.  New and exciting game content will come soon.


As we ramp up production, we’ll be reaching out to all of our pre-order customers to discuss their build schedules.  There’s a long line of people waiting to buy P3s.  If you’re not yet on the list, please fill out and return that attached no-commitment pre-order form.  We’ll continue processing them in the order they’re received.


I’ve attached a couple of pictures to show a bit of our production sample machines.  The first was taken by Martin Ayub of Pinball News for his Expo 2016 show report (http://www.pinballnews.com/shows/expo2016/index.html).  It shows the underside of the P3 playfield, exemplifying how different the P3 is built and how good engineering can result in an unprecedented feature list without sacrificing clean wiring and serviceability.  The second shows a production sample machine next to an earlier prototype to highlight changes in backbox sizing.


As always, feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments, or concerns.

– Gerry Stellenberg
Multimorphic, Inc.

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