Pindigo has been upgraded just in time for Pinburgh and ReplayFX! Download it to share all of your high scores and get ranked. BONUS: The app no longer needs you to have a Pinside account to access it.

  • ProTip: When searching for the app on the Google Play Store, search for pinball Pindigo or Pindigo: Social Pinball Scores.
  • Or use these links for the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Check out the contest they are having to celebrate the new app. Congratulations on the new release and with great timing. With over 400 pinball games at ReplayFX, get ready for some high scores.



From Michael Szabo at Pindigo:

Pindigo, the premier social high score tracker for pinball players, is rolling out a big update this week! The new v2 app adds much-requested features such as push notifications, score comments, auto updates, and optional Facebook login. Additionally, Pindigo will be running a promotional contest to coincide with Pinburgh 2016.


With Pindigo, you can:

• Easily keep track of personal scores wherever you are.
• Add photo evidence to prove your score is legit.
• Add notes about location and machine condition to each score.
• Find and follow your friends to see their scores and activity.
• Like and comment on score posts.
• Get notifications when someone reacts to your scores.
• Check the leaderboards to see how you compare to your friends and others.
• Quick machine links to,, and others.
• View graphs to see how your scores have changed over time.

The app is FREE and available on Google Play and Apple Stores.


As our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our users, we will be running a little contest over Pinburgh weekend. Any score posted between July 28-31, 2016 will qualify the user for a chance to win cool swag such as Pindigo t-shirts, stickers, and possibly more. The more you use the app, the more chances you have.

If you can’t make it to Pinburgh, don’t worry, this contest is open to all Pindigo users. We will hold the drawing the week after Pinburgh. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more details as the time approaches.

Don’t worry if your score is not your best. Post it anyway!


Pindigo is the hobby project of designer Michael Szabo (NYC) and developer Brendan Turner (Birmingham, AL). It’s completely self-funded and not-for-profit. We do it simply because we love pinball.

Szabo had two goals in mind when starting Pindigo. “First, I wanted a better system to track of my personal best scores. The iPhone Notes app could only do so much. With Pindigo, tracking scores is fun and visual, plus the app has quick links to other pinball resources to learn more about the machines I’m playing. Second, I also wanted to turn my score tracking into a social experience. I cant always be out playing pinball with my friends, but with Pindigo, we can all share our pinball victories no matter where we are or what we are doing.”

Turner, a recent computer science graduate, joined the Pindigo dev team following the initial launch and helped re-engineer the system from the ground up. “This is my first major hobby project, so it’s all very exciting to me,” he said.

One major improvement made possible by Turner was the creation of a dedicated score server. Whereas the v1 app was reliant on pinball community site Pinside for managing user accounts and scores, this new version has its own server and databases. With this change comes some growing pains, though. Any scores entered through v1 are still accessible on, but will no longer appear in the app. Breaking away from our Pinside dependance was necessary to continue expanding the app. We think you’ll find the new V2 features worth the hassle!

Follow us in Pindigo! Michael’s Pindigo name is ‘cheezywhiz’ and Brendan is ‘needz’.

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