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Today is the day I award the cash prizes! Currently in the lead is Basci Dinc with a scorecard of 8, the best in the history of the JPA PinGolf Tournament so far. He is followed by Alberto Santana with a score of 12 and Francesco La Rocca with a score of 14 Pin-Strokes. Players who qualify for the final will bring their qualification score forward with them. That would give Basci a distinct advantage if these scores hold.

Will anyone else be able to climb their way into the top three before entries are closed at 8:30 PM tonight? Note that if any of the top three finishers are unable to attend the Final starting at 9:00 PM, the unfinished Pin-Hole rule will come into play. This means that player will receive a score of 7 for each unfinished Pin-Hole in the Final. No players who are out of the top three can ascend into the Final due to a no-show.

Also, there will be another tournament happening nearby, Super PinGolf Fall at Avellino’s Restaurant. The side tournament for that event will happen at The Break later that day. I will complete my main tournament entries at Avellino’s first before going to The Break to accept last-minute JPA PinGolf Tournament entries. Therefore, I most likely will be at the Break after 1:00 PM. I invite players who want to do PinGolf entries to meet me at Avellino’s first. Those who are competing in the side tournament later on are welcome to attempt JPA PinGolf entries as well of course.


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Welcome to the eleventh season of the
Jersey Pinball Association PinGolf Tournament
at Eight on the Break Arcade, Dunellen, NJ.

Currently stands at: $595.00


 The JPA PinGolf Tournament is WPPR certified!

All players who participate will receive

World Pinball Ranking Points based on how well they finish.

You can be ranked among the best pinball players in the world!

The last PinGolf Saturday will start on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 at 1:00 PM*

The 2014 JPA PinGolf Finals will start at 9:00 PM on Saturday, November 29th 2014



1st Place

Basci D.


2nd Place

Alberto S.


3rd Place



4th Place

Nick ZEN


5th Place

Jay Steinberg


6th Place

Jody J.


7th Place

Koi M.


8th Place

Sanjay S.


9th Place

Kevin S.


10th Place

Paul D.


11th Place

Dave B.


12th Place

Steve Z.


13th Place



14th Place



15th Place



16th Place



17th Place



18th Place



19th Place



20th Place



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