This is Gritty. Gritty is life. You love Gritty, Gritty loves you. We are all Gritty, and Gritty is us.

In this amazingly professional episode, Steph and Krystle giggle off their Thanksgiving dinners while talking about the 24 Hour Battle, tournament directing, homebrew, and a smattering of other things pinball.

– Our Month in Pinball
o 24-Hour Battle
o Flip Off Hunger
o Beatles!
o Stern Army attendance?
o Homebrewin’
– Newsball
o Podcast Friend Milestones
o Primus
o Detroit: Pinball Place, Food Recs?
– Letterball
– Sportsball 12/3


Chicago Reader Biscuits Article:
Twilight Zone Pin:
Jeffpardy (because I can):–WYH8SY
Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum:
Gritty Half-Court Shot:

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