Remember Rollers of the Realm, the game that promises to mix pinball with RPG elements. Their project has been picked up by ATLUS, publisher of such games as Persona and Demon’s Souls. ATLUS will publish the game on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC as a download-only release.

This also means release date of the game is going to be pushed back to Holiday , 2014. I see that as a good thing. Do whatever you have to do so that Rollers comes out with the polish it needs to turn heads and get people to play this game.

It’s an innovative concept that this publisher is taking a risk in. However if you know what types of games ATLUS has published, you will appreciate why I am happy to see ATLUS is publishing this. Odin Sphere, anyone?


From the press release:

ATLUS to publish “Rollers of the Realm” on PS4, PS Vita & PC

After a handful of award nominations capped off by a “Best in Play” win at GDC Play this year, a hush fell over our heroic development team. Here’s why:

1) We have a game to finish!

2) We found a publisher!

3) We’re coming to new platforms!

We welcome ATLUS as our publishing partner. ATLUS will publish “Rollers of the Realm” on PC, PS Vita and PS4, expected to launch in the 2014 holiday season as a download-only title. We’re still working out price and other specifics, but you can keep tabs on that via

We had originally planned on bringing you “Rollers” on our own this summer, and ran a successful Steam Greenlight campaign last year while investigating the major consoles and handhelds. As you may know, it’s getting harder and harder for smaller titles to get noticed. With ATLUS behind us, “Rollers” will punch through the noise to reach a worldwide audience. We moved our release date to later this year to work closely with ATLUS in polishing the game even further and tailoring it for each delivery platform.

We have always been as transparent as possible during the development process. Now that we’re working with a partner, we’ll probably be a bit quieter moving forward. We’re laser-focused on shipping this game. We might be limited in the kinds of questions we can answer or comments we can make about the game. Your primary source of info will be via ATLUS’ channels.

ATLUS is known industry-wide for high-quality, award-winning titles that reach across a variety of genres and platforms, including the Shin Megami Tensei® and Persona® series of role-playing games, the ground-breaking action-adventure/puzzle game Catherine™, and the much-celebrated RPG Demon’s Souls™. Find out more at

Special thanks to everyone who’s worked so hard on this game so far. This includes the original development team, our full production team, our extended team members, our voice actors and our beta testers–in particular our families and friends. Thanks also to our primary project funders, the Canada Media Fund and the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

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