This is a bit of a personal/local reference for me. The Break Arcade (AKA: 8 on the Break) was my home arcade for years when I lived in New Jersey. The Arcade has been in existence since 1973.

Due to complications stemming from the COVID-19 shutdowns, The Break was in danger of having its tax debt go up for auction resulting in the possible loss of the location.

From Chris Cotty, Organizer:

Our customers have  become close family over the years, I have never realized this more, since we have been closed.
Each year I used the first two quarters of the year to pay The Break’s  real estate taxes from the previous year.

As of now, we have been closed one quarter of the year. Taxes are due, and if the 2019 portion of the taxes are not paid by the date of the tax sale, I can loose control of the property, as the tax debt will go up for auction. You can see this on the uploaded image.

The Break has been such a part of so many peoples lives, I hope we can save it!

I say was because in a little more than a day, many loyal patrons had donated enough to exceed the initial goal that was set to save the arcade.


From Chris Cotty:

I cant thank everyone enough, I am humbled by your kindness. We met our immediate goal, and people are still contributing. At this rate, I may be able to pay the whole tax bill. That would be amazing.

I started posting some pictures from The Break’s past. The amount of lives we have touched is truly amazing.

Thank you one and all, it looks like we are having a party at The Break!

The Five-Dollar Break Steak combos will live on!

Click the GoFundMe link above to see the full details as donations are still being accepted.

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