They are already up to three episodes! At least there is not much of a backlog yet, so get started with listening to this new show!

Quote for Slap Save podcast episode 3: X-Mas wishes for pinball
Their “wish” for deeproot: ( Of course I would highlight that, right 🙂 )

Jason: “I’m excited about deeproot, right out of the gate. I think if they can live up to half the promises they’ve made, I think it’s something to be super excited about. That being said, hold up your promises. Live up to those claims that you’ve made that some people thought were over the top. You’ve set a high bar for yourself. Do the damnedest you can to get over that bar or at least meet it.”
Chris: “Here is my wish: When you reveal, at whatever show you do the big reveal, you better have an 18-wheeler stacked to the hilt. Games ready-to-sell off the back of the truck. Done.”
Jason: “They would need more than one tractor-trailer, I bet. If these things turn out to be what they could be. It’s all speculation at this point.”
Chris: “Bring it!”

Me: OK!

In our 3rd episode of the Slap Save Podcast we discuss our wishes and desires for every pinball manufacturer for the Christmas season. We also get caught up with “Gout-aplooza,” the crazy values of mods (at least by some sellers), opinions of black and white pinball machines and we play our first feedback left on OUR feedback line by the distinguished Mr. S. Johnson IV. Don’t forget your rubbers, silicone or poly, whichever you “think” is best.

In our 2nd episode of Pinball conversation, we talk preferred flipper rubber, run through the news like our $#@ is on fire, go on an expletive laden (but censored) tirade about a… Christmas ornament(?) and talk the “gout,” with our resident lunch lady. Join us weekly! We’d love to get your feedback, questions, or even general ramblings about the merits of processed cheese spread as a playfield polish.

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Automated Voice/comment line (Jason’s note taking Mom?): 314.529.1875

“The beginning.” We are two guys with a pinball problem. Join us for pinball conversations, thoughts, complaints, laughs and praise.

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Angry Chris Jericho approves!

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