Get your very own WPPR card at Slapsave (http://wppr.slapsave.com/)

A convenient way to represent when you are at a tournament. It’s also a quick way to introduce new people to competitive pinball rankings when you need to show them what the heck you are talking about.

Easy access to your player number to keep tournament directors happy. Easy access to your stats for bragging rights.
— Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

Claim your card today with a vanity URL. I’ve claimed mine:


I see that my “number of active events” right now is equal to my player number. That means nothing other than absolute coincidence, and that I guess I have a lot of active events. However, I know I’m not even close to having the most…


At WPPRnerdery, you can get a player history that graphs your ranking performance since July of 2004. For this graph, a downward trending line is better since it’s tracking your ranking. You can also zoom in on an area for more detail.


Plus, there are iCal calendar feeds available to track tournament events in your area (or any other area). Add them to you electronic calendar of choice to help keep track of your tourney dates.


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