One of Sierra’s better pinball simulations, 3D Ultra Pinball – Thrillride takes you on a virtual pinball tour of Hershey Park. No, really. I visited Hershey Park soon after Thrillride  was released, and the rides in this game were there.

By the way, a quick shout-out to Angelo and Curtis, who are two of my former students from “back in the day”. I introduced Thrillride to them, and they liked to play this game during afterschool club time.

Bumper Cars

So, you want more bumpers? No? Well, too bad because here comes some more bumpers. And these are super-powered moving bumpers too.

Canyon River Rafting Table

You’ve found one of the side tables! This one has rocks and rafts and stuff.

Flying Falcon

Then, all of a sudden this spinning ride just springs out of the middle of the playfield!

Fun Zone Start

You’ve just started a Fun Zone mode!

Hide and Seek!

You’ve reached a hidden feature. Though, I sure wish this were a Multiball mode. A bit of a missed opportunity in the rule set here.

Kissing Tower

Reach the top for maximum points.

Lightning Racer Virtual Coaster

You’ve found another side table! Hit the bumpers to tell the coaster which way to go.


Congratulations! You’ve ridden all of the rides, and now it’s time to go home. Or is it?

Main Table Theme

Can you complete all of the challenges and close the park?


Multiple thrill-seekers want to ride the rides to score progressive jackpots.

Nighttime Fantasy

It’s time for the fireworks show!


Get ready…

Thrill Zone Start

You’ve just started a Thrill Zone mode!

Thrill Zone

Which ride did you get? You only have a few seconds to succeed.

THRILLRIDE! – Ride the Rides

It’s time for super mode! Ride the rides fast and furiously to earn thrill points.

Title Screen

Welcome to Hershey Park!