… because pinball soundtracks deserve some time in the spotlight.

This soundtrack has some special meaning to me because it belongs to the first pinball game I’ve ever owned.


Music and sound by: Vince Pontarelli — Release Date: February, 1994 – Just in time for the World Cup competition.

Main Theme

Let’s get this game started! I hope your kickback is lit. If not, then you have a decision to make… Build 5 talents starting with “S” to make progress.

BIG Goal Round

The vast majority of players will get to hear this. The first TV mode gives you the chance at 3 quick goals for 60 Million total, if you can get them past the goalie. For some reason, that goalie gets his skills up during this mode. I know he’s moving at the same rate all of the time. It just seems like he’s better during this mode.

Boston Tea Party

A visit to Boston gets you an opportunity for a quick spinner hurry-up shot for 40 Million. Profitable, but dangerous if you have another city ready.

Extra Ball Round

Get the Striker hole for an Extra Ball in the second TV mode. After that, each shot is a cool 50 Million which is not too shabby.

Super Free Kick

Have you ever actually gone for the Free Kick target on purpose? If you should see someone trying for it, especially during this mode, let ’em know it’s a trap.

Go for the Goalie

I wish I could have this mode during Multiball. Smacking the goalie earns Millions while scoring a goal makes smacking that goalie worth more Millions in TV mode #3.

Where’s Striker?

This is my favorite track out of the four TV modes. Hitting the Striker targets may uncover some cameos… is that Rudy?!

Lock is Lit

The five talents are completed. You are ready for battle! It’s time to lock a ball.

Final Draw is Lit!

Multiball is ready! Now, all you have to do is shoot the TV shot again and you can start beating some teams.


Score a goal to take down the Jackpot and advance to the next team. Make it all the way to #1 ranked Germany for a chance at 250 Million!


What?! You lost?! Re-lock the ball to get back in the game.

Jackpot Collected

BIG POINTS! Now shoot the ramp to move on to the next team. Or, try that big green button… This theme also is used for the World Cup Final wizard mode where you have a shot at way more than a half-billion points.