Get your notebooks out. It’s time to see what’s on the game thus far, until the code gets updated.

We’ve got innovation! Multipliers? Sure they are back. But, you can move and freeze them at will using the action button. Shots can be multiplied up to 40X value for huge cash-ins. A higher shot multiplier means less movable multipliers are available.

We’ve got story-based game progression rules which are explained by Mr. Sullivan at the beginning of the video

We’ve got fast and furious gameplay that will get you excited. We’ve got a smaller screen with interactive targets in front of it that works really well.

We’ve got Josh Sharpe and Keith Elwin blowing up the game up to the point of almost reaching a wizard mode, which they may have avoided reaching on purpose.

However, I hope this game doesn’t set the multipliers on the path of jumping the shark. It’s beginning to feel like the jet ski is in the water.

Astronomical, exponential, polynomial, asymptote-line scoring returns as it was in Ghostbusters. Your score is less of a score, and more like a rating of where you are on the growth curve.

What else do we have? The Tobin’s Guide mystery returns in a way by giving you a set of 3 awards.

The X% of your score skill shot returns, but at 5% instead of 10%. So you can only get 5% of your humongous score at the start of the ball.

The bumper Pop-A-Slot found in Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones and Elvis is … nowhere to be found.

Mr. Sullivan has already found 10 things he needs to fix already. That gives me confidence that this game’s code will be getting even better and another update is forthcoming.

This game is set to be available at Pintastic New England, so I’ll get to play it there. Maybe. The queue will be long in front of this game.

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