A tour that’s over an hour long! See all of the things! Test all of the mechs! Wrangle all of the cable! It’s the 2017 tour that happened in late 2016, so it’s 2017 like the year of a car model. Or an EA Sports game.


From the video description:

Ever wonder how pinball machines are made? Here it is, the 2017 John’s Arcade Impossible all access Stern Pinball factory tour. In this video, Jody Dankberg (Director of Marketing) gives the John’s Arcade and Arcade Impossible crew an all access tour of the Stern factory in Elk Grove Village, Il. Along the way we’ll talk to famed designer John Trudeau who created the new Ghostbusters Pinball Machine. Designer John Borg makes a brief cameo in the video. He worked on a lot of cool games for Gary Stern over the years.

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