A successful tap pass on Paragon.

During the IFPA NJ State Pinball Championships, a group of us were playing Paragon, and we were talking about this very thing. We wanted someone to have a camera on a players hand as they tap pass so that we could see how they do it.

I’ve never been a reliable tap-passer. Actually, my best tap passing success percentages happen on Supersonic and Harlem Globetrotters. However, I am not nearly an over 90% successful tap passer yet. More like 50-60% maybe. Sometimes, I’ll tap the flipper button, nothing happens and I have to flip in desperation. Other times, I end up fully flipping the ball anyway. Both are terrible results of course.


Successful tap pass with the playfield shown.

This video provided by GA Pinball shows near-100% tap pass success on Paragon. It’s a game where you have to do it or expect to drain with very few points or bonus. After looking at this video, I think I was expecting the flipper to move more than it does. The flipper hardly moves at all when the ball is weighing it down.

I can’t wait to get back on a “Tap-pass, or GTFO” game like Paragon. It still seems like magic to me when I do it right. Now that I have this GIF, the New Pinball Dictionary is about to get another instant inductee.

Video by GA Pinball:

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