In honor of Valentines Day, PAPAtv are playing three games that don’t get a lot of love.

Volley: I’m not totally sure why people don’t love it, other than the fact that if you don’t get those upper lanes on your plunger shot, you will be grinding away on those dangerous targets for low points. Although I don’t remember doing well on it in a competitive environment. OH VOLLEY! You mean TENNIS! 15-LOVE, 30-LOVE … ooookay …

Amy Rose groans for us all.

Amy Rose groans for us all.

Roller Coaster Tycoon: RIGHT! Time out everything except Power Ride because it’s a multiball. Plus it’s has two modes that are the same mode. Please, shut up you loud and crazy troll announcer guy! Number of guests matters very little for the wizard mode. Your wizard mode points are based on your visitor count, but it’s not worth enough to risk draining on the way. Then, REPEAT! Sure, the game can be fun if you go for multiball and play out the modes instead of playing the game like you are supposed to play it.

No Fear: Time out everything until you get the the three big modes in the middle. The game is fun as long as you don’t play the game … well …  like you are supposed to play it, which is to time out the entire world and shoot jumps. Oh my, are your right flippers getting weak? Or, perhaps it’s just your right wrist.

I wonder how INDISC tournament director Jim Belsito could make RCT and No Fear good tournament games. Is that even possible?

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