Hey, LOOK! It’s a tutorial on Terminator 2.

Let’s see how long Bowen Kerins can keep his GameBreaker lit.

<<The GameBreaker on Terminator 2 is the difficult, unbalanced, 50 Million, Super Jackpot cannon shot during Multiball.>>


I wonder if Bowen will try to show if there is a “zero second” bug that can screw up your multiball scoring. It caused a bit of an issue at a previous PAPA Final (if in fact that is what caused it).

What do I mean? When in Multiball, try to lock a ball in Multiball with zero seconds left. The game might get confused as to which stage of Multiball you are in. It might even screw you out of a 50 Million Super Jackpot later.

  • Spoiler: Bowen is able to do this, and the game DOES award the Super Jackpot. The mystery continues …

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