This is a bit of a local post for the Tri-State Super Selfie League. Click the link for more information on where to compete.

Introducing “The Chase at The Break – Arcade

Now that I have a score on each of the six games for Tri-State Super Selfie League, I am attaching a bounty for someone to take down each of my scores!

To claim the bounty: 
1. You must be the first person to submit a selfie to The League, with a score greater than mine on one of these games at The Break (obviously), before the deadline.

Since this season’s Tri-State Super Selfie League Final is on Sunday, August 27th, the deadline for score submissions is Thursday, August 24th.

2. You must also have submitted a selfie score on at least 4 of the six games at The Break to be listed in the standings.
3. You must be willing to take a selfie with me giving you the money for publicity’s sake )

This bounty award is a separate prize and will be awarded by me. The initial amounts are set by my judgement of the difficulty in achieving each one.

These bounties may INCREASE if they remain unclaimed, or if I submit better scores! A player may win more than one bounty, so hurry before one player tries to sweep them all!

The bounties are:

Attack from Mars: $15.00 – 28.3 Billion
The Addams Family: $30.00 – 1.8 Billion
Star Trek Premium: $20.00 – 686.2 Million
Dialed IN!: $10.00 – 3,655,200
Metallica Premium: $15.00 – 347.9 Million
Star Wars Stern*: $15.00 – 6.0 Billion

“The Chase” is that I may still play these games and increase my scores before the deadline. So hurry before I make these scores even better than they are now!

*Score for SW Stern may need to be reset if new code drops. I leave that ruling to Greg Poverelli.

Good Luck!



Below are the six bounties. Use the side arrows to cycle through the pictures.

TSSSL Bounties

Reminder anyone who plays minimum 2 games and submits them at one location has a shot to win a game of thrones translite plus dialed in! t shirts to be randomly given away in a few weeks.

Finals are at Modern Pinball NYC on Sunday August 27th.

A is top 8 from each location, B is everyone else plus anyone who lost round 1. B finals commence during round 2 of A. No money is due until finals meaning its FREE to have a chance to win prizes!

Even though our league represents well, The Break – Arcade is in a bit of a pinball enthusiast desert, so I am doing what I can to spark more player interest.

I’ve done similar “sponsorships” when I used to do PinGolf at The Break – Arcade. This is a different way of doing that same thing.

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