How did I miss this video?!

The Get Down talks with Koi Morris, Jersey Pinball Association League Commissioner. They also play a few rounds of Pinball FX2 on XBox Live.

From the video description:

In this VERY special episode we have our first special guest, Mr. Koi Morris, a pinball legend who’s quotes and likeness we have used in our broadcasts and shows on many occasions. We interview him, and get his thoughts on Pinball FX 2, an Xbox Live arcade game featuring many themed tables. Enjoy.

By the way, the video that KOI is referring to at 1:15:25 is here on my YouTube channel.

Great Pinball Save – Bowen Kerins

I hope they do more pinball specials. I would like to talk and play pinball with these guys! It sounds like these players are from New Jersey since they mention Yestercades.

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