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Gas Attack Multiball joins the Multiball options for completing one villain from each season.

V0.96.0 - Oct. 8, 2018

  - Added GAS ATTACK MULTIBALL mode for completing one TV mode from
    SEASON 1, one TV mode from SEASON 2, and one TV mode from SEASON 3.
    (This is selectable along with BATUSI MULTIBALL and ROBIN'S HOLY
  - Reworked egghead 47/48 to include an effect for transitioning to the
    next stage (hitting the gadget button) along with different background
    clips for the two stages.
  - Reworked villains captured sound effects and placement for better
    timing and more variety of sounds.
  - Fixed the "SHAME CAPTURED" effect; it was missing the last frame where
    the text is centered over the jail cell.

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