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Mezel Mods and Tiltcycle Announce an Eco-Friendly Upcycling Pinball into Art Partnershiptiltcycle

Albuquerque, NM – (Sept 10, 2016) – Mezel Mods creates quality custom mods for your high-end pinball machines.
Like any manufacturing process, the
design process includes prototyping and often times errors in manufacturing, which add to production loss. Much of that loss turns into trash. That trash will now be upcycled by Tiltcycle, whose mission is to upcycle broken pinball parts into beautiful art. Good things this does:

  1. Saves the environment by giving products that fail to meet retail standards a second chance at becoming viable as art
  2. Reduces landfill
  3. Increases consumer satisfaction about purchasing green product

“Reduce, reuse, recycle has always been one of my mantras,” said Mezel Mods owner Kristin Browning-Mezel. “This partnership allows our company to move from just recycling to reuse,” said Browning-Mezel. The company hopes to reduce waste and contribute to a new line of interesting pinball art with a unique history.



About Mezel Mods

Mezel Mods builds Pinball accessories and mods to pimp your game – playfield toys, shooters, decals, toppers, LED kits, and more.

About Tiltcycle

Tiltcycle is run by Dan Burfield. Dan upcycles broken, out-of-circulation pinball parts into beautiful art. His mission is to preserve and rescue, and to leave a legacy of beauty revived.

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