I wanted to get this on video before it left the arcade. It’s Terminator 2 with better sound. It certainly got me to put in more quarters.

Also, there’s as little sound as possible from me so you can here the game’s sounds. That means there’s no commentary.

This is not a sponsored post for PinSound.
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Two games of Terminator 2 Pinball with PinSound. ( Second game starts at 5:14 )

Recorded via GlassesCam
Be prepared for POV movement and head shakiness.
The camera’s view is actually slightly above my own view.
Flippers are set with VERY shallow end of stroke.
Only one Extra Ball is allowed.

See how sound the sound package makes the difference for this game.
Check out how fast this gun rotates! I want that on every T2 game.
“Arnold” also might say naughty words when you TILT. He didn’t this time, though.

Special Thanks:

Eight on the Break Arcade

Paul Drabik

Play a real game. Play pinball!


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