To say that I am excited for this game would be a gross understatement. Barnstorm Games have made progress up to the first Alpha build of the game and they have released a short video showing the results thus far.

The Alpha build includes:

  • Fully playable 1997 version table rules and physics
  • All lights and flashers working apart from the dot matrix and backbox lights lighting the table
  • Flippers
  • Balls
  • Dot matrix display
  • Keyboard controls
  • Partial glass-off mode (ball position does not match pointer position)
  • Control of ambient, GI, and overall playfield light intensity. Only the ambient light level will be controllable in the finished game, the other controls are purely for testing purposes
  • Placeholder text-only option screens for logging in and setting the table resolution and scaling option
  • Speech and sound effects
  • Low quality music (same as Kickstarter 1997 version)


And now … a SPOILER ALERT! YouTube user “Kae De” (nicojull) shows mastery of the 1997 version of the game, by playing through one complete lap of the ruleset.

This game needs to be made into a real table … pretty PLEASE! Someone… Jack? Stern? Dutch Pinball? Anybody? I’ll wait. I’ve been waiting since ’97.

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