Kacee returns with a review of what happened in the pinball scene during July 2020.




Video description:

In the July 2020 recap of the pinball news: a huge thank you to the sponsor of the video, deeproot Pinball! Jersey Jack Pinball wishes Slash a happy birthday with #Patience, George Gomez talks, Buffalo Pinball streams Legends of Vahalla, TWIP talks to Scott Gullicks, TMNT Code Update, Buffalo Pinball streams Multimorphic, Pinball Profile interviews Gerry Stellenberg, Pinball gone viral, TWIP First Takes, TWIP Monthly Giveaways announced, and much more.


I haven’t done the following in a little while, but I think I may have to more often moving forward:

Since this video is sponsored by deeproot Pinball and mentions Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland, I feel the need to mention that I am Rules Designer for deeproot pinball. As such, I am directly involved in the Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland project, and there are certain biases that come with that fact.

Really, I just hope you have fun with the game and you enjoy it.


Also, thanks TWiP for the very kind words during the recap video. I appreciate it very much.

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NED appreciates that I have used the deeproot category for a post on this website again.
Actually, I’ve just received word that NED doesn’t care.