Re-theme with different everything. Except the playfield, because it’s a re-theme. Shrek is nowhere to be found (yet).

Hoping for more than one looping music track this time.

Will a different art package revitalize this playfield?

Will you be drinking more Pabst beer due to this pinball machine? (He wrote, knowing the answer is no.)

PABST Can Crusher

BEER & PINBALL…THIS COULD CATCH ON! 😉 Pabst Blue Ribbon officially revealed Stern Pinball's next title today. It's the subject of our next Pinheadz Pinball News Update. 🙂 Rod #HappyFlipping

Posted by Pinheadz Pinball on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Obligatory press release, GO!

The Pabst Brewing Company Announces Retro Pinball MachinePBR-Themed “Can Crusher” Pinball Game to Debut at Comic-Con…

Posted by Stern Pinball on Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What’ll you have?

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