Whoa, Nellie! Wait a minute!


Hold on a second. The following exists in the world:

From the video description:

This is a WOZ pinball with a 7″ display installed in apron.
You can look at the flippers and monitor screen at the same time.
This Mod is cheap (only $50.00), easy to install (3 hours), no screw holes and no changes in the WOZ pinball.

And, this also exists:

From the video description:

This is a Williams TOTAN with a 7″ display. You can look at the flippers and DMD screen at the same time. You can also see the instruction card and photos.

However, Whoa Nellie has this:


Remember, that’s Six Thousand, Four Hundred, Ninety-Nine Dollars.

I don’t understand. I need logical help with this one. Why was the scoreboard not the size of the instruction card? Even if it just listed the scores like an alphanumeric style scoreboard does. I’m not even talking about doing actual display programming and/or dot matrix art. Just the scores, only bigger so players can read them.

OK, bye.

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