Arcade Crusade Restorations

Arcade Crusade starts the restoration processes on the menagerie of the Twilight Zone and the maze-filled ramp trap known as Whitewater.

Twilight Zone restoration:

Video description:

In this episode, we start working on the Twilight Zone Pinball. This includes installing new cabinet leg brackets, new legs, new leg levelers, new leg bolts, new locks, Game ROM 9.2, NVRAM, and troubleshooting the broken gumball popper coil.

Whitewater restoration:

Video description:

In this episode, we start working on the White Water by figuring out how to remove the maze of ramps and the entire upper playfield. Prior to this video, we’ve already installed new legs, leg levelers, leg brackets, leg bolts, cabinet protectors, locks, shooter rod, buttons, etc. so we’re kicking this restoration off with a tear down. If you’re attempting to remove your upper playfield for the first time, don’t forget to label all of your connectors.

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Author: SSB

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