Bro 30: Multimorphic founder Gerry Stellenberg and P3 pinball

– Interview with Gerry Stellenberg, founder and president of Multimorphic Inc. (http://www.multimorphic.com)
– Viewer/listener Q&A


YouTube user “proco” with a detailed timestamping of the interview:

—- Gerry’s stories —-
1:54 electronics, P-ROC, homebrew games
22:33 startup company, work, teams, assembly
49:57 older games
1:16:45 (location) pinball philosophy and game complexity
1:42:00 favourite pinball machine
1:45:12 licensing and user base
1:50:46 licences and themes

—- The P3 —-
6:13 visions, prototypes
8:56 P3 trailer
10:30 first prototypes, game concepts and ideas
13:05 pinball platform concept, comparison to P2000
1:14:20 pinball plarform investment
1:11:43 comparison to other modern games (display, backbox)
1:15:59 cost and promotion
1:58:50 location play

mechanical features
1:55:50 pinball parts
11:33 walls and scoops
17:08 infinity trough
1:06:51 flipper assembly, modularity and service
18:30 flipper assembly, display and ball tracking
44:47 ball tracking
47:28 ball tracking interferance
31:24 button modules
40:18 playfield wear and replacement
42:17 upper playfield change
1:04:51 magnetic cabinet artwork
1:43:17 art packages and custom artwork

tech stuff and customization
45:38 upper playfield materials
1:04:20 wireform change
1:10:20 backbox and systems
1:26:10 cheat prevention
1:27:19 digital level, machine setup, self-service
1:43:17 art packages and custom artwork
1:55:03 cuszomization and sales
35:43 development kit
1:36:30 developing custom games
35:57 memory allocation
1:42:43 upper flippers

game and platform features
46:22 AR
1:48:44 virtual pinball
53:04 P3 mini games
54:50 player profiles, co-op and VS.
57:50 internet connection
1:23:35 network play and competitive play
1:16:45 minigames and their reason

—- Lexy Lightspeed —-
28:46 Lexy Lightspeed background story
38:39 sound
48:12 sound
49:02 code
54:50 gameplay features (co-op and VS.)
59:33 comparison to traditional pinball
1:01:39 “dynamic artowrk”, virtual targets and physical shots
1:03:42 artwork
1:12:41 scoreboard

—- Cosmic Cart Racing —-
1:28:30 Cosmic Cart Racing
1:29:42 Layout
1:31:26 Colors and 900 LEDs
1:34:28 Ramp magnets
1:37:02 Comparison to old pinball and powerups

—- Other games —-
1:19:43 Cannon Lagoon
1:21:51 Wizard (training and teaching game)
1:22:31 Grand Slam Rally
1:23:35 Heads Up!
1:16:13 ROCs promotion
1:16:45 Minigames and their reason
1:20:57 Minigames on the Cannon Lagoon playfield and visions

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