In my effort to not post about Star Wars Pinball, I end up posting about Star Wars Pinball, sort of.

Gamer Theory wonders whether differences in code can support similar playfields to produce unique enough experiences.


“In most cases, I would say that similar playfields with very different code are enough to justify a new release and to draw quarter drops on location. In a home collection, however, I’ve found that when games are too similar, you do start running into problems. Having owned a Spider-Man for years, I was a strong Star Trek player from the start, despite limited access to one. I love playing Star Trek, but I wouldn’t ever put one in my collection as long as I had a Spider-Man. For very large collections, this isn’t such a big deal, but my space is limited to 15 games max, so having two games being very similar doesn’t quite work for me.”

Source of Article: Gamer Theory

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