Brain Drain

The brain goes too far ahead of itself while considering which shots, strategies, conditions, points you need, hits remaining and other tasks to do in the game. However, instead of flipping the ball after a feed from a made shot, or catching the ball, you drain out down the middle. The ball rolls right down the flipper without the player flipping at all. After which, the player becomes confused or frustrated. This can sometimes be followed by laughter when the player realizes what has just happened.


“While waiting for the ball to return from the left ramp, I pondered whether to chase the hurry up or build towards multiball. Then I quickly glanced at the scores. But, I also remembered this machine plays differently than my friends’ game when the ball comes out of the kickout.

“I need to shoot soon, so maybe I will …  then I see the ball roll off the end of the flipper as I stare in disbelief at my bonus adding up because I drained from inaction.”

Nominated by spegan

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