McEwen Strategy

To make one shot repeatedly on the fly, that will feed the same flipper. The goal is that this one shot eventually becomes valuable over time.


  • Shooting the left ramp repeatedly on Judge Dredd – The award starts out small but increases with each shot with no known limit. Shoot it enough times, and it eventually becomes the most valuable shot in the game.
  • Shooting the goal repeatedly on World Cup Soccer (see: McEwen Special).
  • Going for the Super Bear Kicks on The Addams Family, which requires 100 shots to the center ramp, by backhanding it repeatedly with the right flipper.


McEwen Special

To light all four rollovers and make the goal in one shot while playing the game World Cup Soccer 94

Example sentence:

It’s possible to quickly light all four Ultras by making four McEwen Specials on my World Cup USA Soccer 94 machine.

Example quote:

“… there is seriously no way to pull a McEwen Special on your WCS, hitting all four rollovers and putting it into the goal on one flip.”

(Source: – December, 2005)

[Coined for pinball player John McEwen]